This is Canem Studio ━

Canem Studio’s vision evolved from the idea of creating a dog brand that doesn’t have to compromise on our core values and integrity. To accomplish this goal, everything we offer is made to order in our studio in Norway. This process avoids the over-production pitfalls of trying to sell large volumes at unsustainably low quality and cost and allows us to produce goods solely based on demand. It also means that we create almost no waste and a very small footprint on mother earth.

We try to source as many materials as possible from Norway and Scandinavia, and our main focus is always to support local, environmentally friendly production. It has been our goal from the very start to create something that would leave a small footprint. By sourcing locally, we limit the carbon footprint of transport miles, but even more importantly – our materials are traceable, which means that we can be certain of the animal welfare standard of the farms where we get out raw materials from.

As a Norwegian design studio, our goal is to keep the Scandinavian minimalist vibe throughout our work as well as adding a hint of the contrasting maximalist signature of our founder. The collection has been brought to life by bringing together some of our favorite wool and leather techniques. This effort attempts to keep some classic touches from bridle alongside adding a touch of that Nordic design signature.